Have you thought about joining a running club but just didn’t know how or were afraid of joining? This is the club for you. This club is designed for beginners, and we want you to experience the joy of running! Whether you’re a busy mom or dad, single, or just wanting to start moving, come join us. We will work with you to start small and work up to running 5k’s or 10k’s. Walking is okay too!

Our Desire

Our goal is for you to have fun, get involved, meet new friends, and participate in great causes all while improving your health. We want to foster community involvement and support by not only getting to know one another, but by planning, promoting, and sponsoring races to raise money for local non-profits and schools.

Disclaimer: Before starting any exercise program, please consult your physician regarding your health and ask if sustained running is right for you. The club is not responsible for personal injury due to health conditions, weather, or path conditions. Although you will be encouraged to run and push yourself, please know your physical limitations. At any point, rest as needed. As always, wear appropriate shoe wear (good, supportive tennis shoes) and stay hydrated.